Once medications are dispensed but they no longer needed, they cannot be reused and must be destroyed. The average cost of one medicine on each prescription is around £11 meaning that unused medications cost the NHS millions of pounds each year.

With this in mind, it is important to review your medication. If you receive regular repeat medication and feel you no longer need a particular medication, have any problems with your prescribed medicines, or are struggling with ordering medication – resulting in stockpiling of excess medicines – please discuss with your pharmacist.

At Davidsons, if you have a long-term condition our pharmacists can conduct a medication review with you and look at how you use your medicines, making sure you are taking them properly to get the most benefit from them. They will also discuss with you any problems you may have and come up with a plan to resolve any identifiable issues. It may be as simple as helping you with the quantities of medicines. This service is free under the NHS Chronic Medication Scheme.

Do you have any unused medicines lying around your home that are either out of date or just no longer required? If so, you can return them to any Davidson’s branch for safe disposal. It is important to note that you should never dispose of your unwanted or unused medicines down the toilet. Do not stockpile medication – this is very dangers risking the safety of children and others. If your medicines have changed recently you should return your old medicines to Davidsons to avoid any mix up with your new medicines.