Self Care for Common Clinical Conditions

For most people, they are not a serious health problem – you just want to know how to relieve it and you want a treatment that acts fast. You also want to know how long you’re going to suffer or what you should do if your symptoms change.

The good news is that self care, with our support, can help you manage most of these problems. It may mean you don’t have to spend time waiting to see your GP but can get on and start tackling your symptoms with either advice and possibly an over-the-counter medication, or with a prescription from our pharmacist.

Please read more about the Minor Ailment Service.

Many of our pharmacists can prescribe a wider range of medicines for Common Clinical Conditions as part of a walk-in clinic, is your local pharmacist is one of them?

Online Support

Visit NHS Inform’s Symptoms and Self-Help pages – with information and guidance on common symptoms – ideal if it’s not a medical emergency and you’re unsure about what to do next.

Did you know that one in five GP visits are for common conditions, such as backache, headache or cough?

Self care for common conditions can free up some of your GP’s time, making it easier to get an appointment when you have a more serious condition.

Have you registered (if eligible) with us for the NHS Minor Ailment Scheme?

This allows you to receive free treatment and advice for minor illnesses without having to make an appointment.

Once registered, if our pharmacist thinks you need over-the-counter medication, this can be supplied free of charge on the NHS, without having to see your doctor.

Visit our pharmacies and ask any member of staff for more details, or click here