We are struggling to keep up with the increased number of requests for deliveries in many areas and we are actively looking at how to increase our capacity. If you can make alternative arrangements using friends, family or local volunteer groups to collect your medication for you, that would ensure the service is protected for the most vulnerable patients. In some areas we are already actively working with local community volunteer groups, should you know of groups like this working in your area, it might be worth asking if they can help you too.

Latest Update: March 25th, 2020

Prescription Collection Service

We understand that life can be busy. That’s why we offer a free repeat prescription collection service to help save you time.

So, how do you request your repeat prescriptions to be sent to your local Davidsons Chemist? It’s easy, we can even text you when your prescription is ready for collection for your local branch!

How it works

REGISTER with us. It only takes two minutes. This allows us to request that your prescriptions are sent from your surgery to your local Davidsons Chemists.

Once you have ordered your prescription via your surgery our delivery drivers will collect them and courier them to your Davidsons branch. Our dispensary staff and pharmacist will then check and dispense your prescription.

When your medication is ready to collect – pop in and say hello. If you are housebound, most of our pharmacies can deliver your prescription for free. We can also notify you via email or message to let you know when your medication is ready to collect to save you time!