Minor Ailments Service

Your community pharmacist can be your first port of call for common clinical conditions. We can currently offer a wide range of treatments for minor ailments through the national Minor Ailments Scheme – allowing pharmacists to treat ailments over the counter without the need for a GP consultation.

However, its use is limited by both the restrictions on eligibility and the range of illnesses that can be treated. Going forward, we hope to see the service opened up to all patients, encouraging the public to think “Pharmacy First” for minor illnesses, avoiding GP and A&E presentations for more complex cases.

More information can be found here.

Pharmacy First Service

Pharmacy First extends treatment to two common conditions that would have previously required a trip to the GP surgery.

Urinary Tract Infection

Your community pharmacist can now treat uncomplicated urinary tract infections in females aged 16-65. If you have symptoms that may indicate a urinary infection, think Pharmacy First as the pharmacist can discuss your symptoms and advise if treatment with antibiotics is suitable, or make a referral onward if required.


Impetigo is a common infection that mainly affects children but can appear in adults too. It presents as a crusty rash usually around the mouth and nose. It’s highly contagious and can cause problems with access to school or nursery. Anyone with these symptoms can present in the pharmacy, where the pharmacist can assess, and prescribe antibiotic cream should it be required.

Pharmacy First allows quick and easy access to a health professional, along with treatment and advice without the need for an appointment. Pop into Davidsons Chemists for advice on any common condition, and our pharmacists can advise the most appropriate treatment for you. Remember, think Pharmacy First