Patients sometimes need assistance to ensure they take the right drug at the right time as prescribed by their doctor.
Health visitors, District Nurses, GP’s and family members are as aware as pharmacists of the problems many patients have when confronted with a complicated drug regimen. Lack of compliance leads to multiple doctor consultations, hospital visits and even permanent residential care.

Our MDS system has been designed to support many different people living in the community today who all have varying medication requirements. The system allows the patient to feel comfortable about large quantities of medication and allows the right dosage to be taken at the right time.

System allows for the healthcare professionals or family and friends to monitor the patients medication compliance.


  • 100% disposable one piece packaging
  • Cold sealed (allows more medications to be dispensed in MDS compared to heat sealed systems)
  • Very simple for patients to use
  • Reduce unused medication becoming stockpiled by the patient, reducing drug wastage
  • Positive impact on patient well-being with better use and understanding of medication

We can also provide a medication administration record (MAR) if required.

Patient information leaflets will also be provided for each medication.

Please ask any of our pharmacists for any further information.