Smoke Free


smoke free

Proven techniques to help you stop smoking are delivered in a beautifully clear and very human way. The calculator shows how much money you’ve saved and how many cigarettes you’ve not smoked, the calendar shows how long you’ve been smoke free and how much life you’ve regained, bars show how giving up smoking is improving your health, and a diary shows how your cravings for cigarettes are decreasing over time.

First Aid App

st johns

The official St John app contains simple step-by-step advice on dealing with injuries such as severe bleeding, burns and scalds and choking, while also giving advice on how to give CPR and other treatments.

NHS 24 MSK Help


Advice on common muscle, back and joint problems

Exercises and video clips to help you get moving safely
Information to help with Work – Working lives information
Reminders to do your exercises and/or attend any appointments
A log to keep a note of your progress