Protect yourself and your family

Flu can be a serious illness, it makes people feel extremely unwell for up to a week. Even amongst fit, healthy people flu can disrupt work and social plans for up to two weeks and it is easily spread to others.

Myth: Once you’ve had the jab you don’t need it again.

Myth Buster: Flu viruses change every year so you need a new flu vaccine each year to protect against the viruses most likely to be circulating in the coming winter.

Myth: The flu jab gives you the flu.

Myth Buster: The vaccine does not contain any live flu viruses so it can’t cause flu. If you have a sore arm or achiness after getting the jab, that can be a sign your immune system is responding and the jab is working.

Myth: The flu is just a bad cold.

Myth Buster: Colds come on gradually but the flu hits you straight away and is a much more dangerous virus which can lead to serious infections and illness.