Closure of Bridge of Earn Surgery – Our Statement

Davidsons Chemists would like to reassure the Bridge of Earn community that after the unexpected announcement of the closure of the Bridge of Earn GP Surgery we are here to help and support all residents and will continue to do so.

Please be assured Davidsons Chemists are staying in Bridge of Earn.

We are working with NHS Tayside to ensure the smooth transition of prescriptions so please bear with us over the coming weeks as we put in place robust procedures to safeguard patients and make sure you have access to medication where and when its required.

We want to assure patients that Andy and his team are here to help and support everyone over this challenging and anxious time for the community.

Davidsons Chemists is an integral part of the Bridge of Earn community so please continue to support Andy and the team at your Bridge of Earn Pharmacy.

We are aware you must have many practical questions about your GP care following the surgery closure.  Pending other communication from NHS Tayside, we would like to provide below a few interim answers about what we understand will happen regarding your prescriptions.

As the notice in the GP surgery states next week you will receive a letter from NHS Tayside advising you which practice you have been allocated.  We expect that in that letter, you will be asked to get in touch with your new practice to complete registration, which would include processes to ensure the continuation of any prescribed repeat medication.  We want to advise you that we expect these processes may take a little time to complete so we would suggest you aim to have approximately four weeks medication in hand.

If your medication was running a little low, you are likely to have already reordered repeat prescriptions from Bridge of Earn surgery.  Andy and the team are expecting to be exceptionally busy next week as we see a significant increase in the volume of repeat prescriptions from the surgery before 30th August.  Andy will have a second pharmacist working with him next week, and additional support staff. We understand that Bridge of Earn surgery will issue repeat prescriptions ahead of the standard reorder timescales to allow patients to have a few weeks medication in hand.

For those of you on long-term serial prescriptions, we will, over the next week or so be preparing in advance any patients medication that is due to be uplifted over the next four or so weeks.  It would be helpful if you can contact the pharmacy to advise if you need any of your ‘when required’ medication.  Because we are issuing serial prescriptions typically earlier than we would normally, Andy and the team may ask you some additional questions to ensure there have not been any changes in your health/care since the last supply was made. Unfortunately, we can’t promise that your new practice will issue you with replacement serial prescriptions as not all surgeries currently provide this option.  When you advise us of your new surgery, Andy may be in a better position to advise on the likely continuation of long-term prescriptions.

If you are unable to order your repeat prescription next week or don’t have a serial prescription held at the pharmacy.  Don’t panic!  Andy will, as always, ensure best endeavors that you don’t run short of medication.  Andy will be able to write prescriptions under a national NHS urgent supply service for most repeat medication, except controlled drugs.


As soon as you receive notification of your new surgery, or register at the surgery of your choice, please complete our prescription collection mandate below and hand to the pharmacy.  We will then advise your new practice that your prescriptions should be automatically sent back to Davidsons Chemist Bridge of Earn.  Fortunately, with a strong presence already in Perth city, we uplift prescriptions from all surgeries daily. On receipt of your paper prescriptions, we will assemble and have your medication ready for your uplift.

Have you thought about registering for our prescription notification message service where we can send you an email or a text message to let you know that your prescriptions ready for collection?   Ask the team for a registration form.

Obviously, prescriptions will take a little longer to make their way from other surgeries than the present. From Bridge of Earn surgery, we allowed 48 hours from ordering to collection, once you advise us of your new surgery, we will explain fully how repeat medication ordering timescales will operate from that surgery.

How else can Andy help?

Did you know that Andy can prescribe for common clinical conditions of the skin, ear, nose, throat and chest?  Usually, Andy will be able to see you on a walk-in basis for a consultation and will effectively assess your symptoms before providing advice or prescribing from a broader range of medicines (not normally available over the counter).  In the short term, it may be advisable to phone in advance to check Andy is working that day (his regular day off is Wednesday) before you pop in.  There is a chance that because the pharmacy is going to be very busy over the next few weeks that they may ask you to come in at a particular time.  Please be patient if you walk into the pharmacy for a consultation and Andy cannot see you straightaway, he may have to ask you to wait a little longer than usual, or pop back.

If Davidsons Chemists in Bridge of Earn is your local Pharmacy and you would like to consent to our prescription collection service, you have two options

To register online click here this form will automatically be sent to the branch selected.

If you prefer click here to download our form. Please fill out this form and hand it into the pharmacy.